Art is so much more than pretty colors and skillful execution. Art resonates and stirs emotions, to enable us to self reflect as we journey to the past, present and future for true awareness.

Art is story.

Rubenstein Nerisma

digital artist

Behind the artist

As an artist, my passion has always originated from a traditional background starting with the classic pencil on paper until my inevitable growth allowed me to transition so much further into the vast world that is visual art.

From pencil, to paintbrush to eventually a computer mouse, the tools that I’ve accumulated over my early years  of study have been consistently and progressively always evolved permitting me to strive for and achieve new and more challenging goals into mastery.

As a Sheridan student studying Art Fundamentals gave me the solidity in my approach to being as mindful of my execution of elements and principles of art as much as possible. Including but not limited to understanding form, and composition, as well as perspective and color theory to maximize the visual goal of my creations.

Fast-forward to my years as a student at Humber College studying 3D Animation & Design, a new form of expression was enabled in me, a digital form, that I have completely dedicated myself to master. From 3D models to generate props, environments and characters, along with 3D animation to give true life through story, I have been fortunate enough to continue to implement the fundamental elements and principles that are crucial in creating any art for my audiences to enjoy, indulge, and resonate with.

While I know I still have much to learn and to execute, there’s a saying that refers to valuable things in life needing a marathon approach rather than a sprint and nothing is truer than that. And so welcome to Stein Creations, and I implore you to join me on my progressive journey as an aspiring 3D animator.